Blog for Today -Monday11 November

Here are a few shots of the time period of Beatrix Potter and Thomas Hardy. Now, what would you think if your date rocked up ‘courting in his best shepherd attire? I have lost a long article , Facebook hopefully will get back on it, re the role Nature plays in our lives, and I was saying something like that many today, have lost touch with nature/mother earth where, of course lies the magic. Beatrix Potter in an article was quoted as saying she knew every stone, every tree, post etc and this led me to Thomas Hardy, and the role of the Shepherd, who too in his lifetime, knew his sheep, the cloud formations, the ponds, rivers etc, they were so familiar to him and if he had to leave his post for any reason, he would lose the will to live. I imagine it is the same for farmers too. Well, today we lead a very different life style, but I am listening to the ravens who feed every day on a tin roofed patio, down the back yard, the chattering of one song over and over again of one note by a few pigeons and now a rooster is crowing and cicadas, yes they too are singing. Yes, we have a rooster next door. The point of all this is that in a suburban life style, we often miss the beauty of nature, Apart from the many health benefits of spending more time in natures, and the affect of its colours upon us, it leads to a calmer and quieter existence, it also allows you to tap into spirits of the trees, the rivers, the wetlands, and allows you if you do it often enough to listen, and feel as if you are part of it too, and part of the communication, that exists within it. Enough for one day, and I will make it a Thomas Hardy and Beatrix Potter week.

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