September 3

The Goddesses for September  which is September in my neck of the Woods are worth exploring for their guidance and understanding of ourselves.    So Spring is a dynamically charged time of year that brings forth what has remained quietly invisible throught the Winter months.  What has remaioned unseen, now breaks ground.  Prepare a personal ritual of rite of passage to celebrate the myster and power of the invisible made visible.  Your ritural can be a simple solo ceremony or a community celebration involving others for added support and shared experiences. I’ll begin with Tiamat, the dragon Wisdom from the days of Babylon, Her affirmation is ,”I make life-enhancing decisions.  I face my feaars with courage, seeing them for what they are.  I am Dragon wise, I show my power.  (More tomorrow)

Base it upon your intent for this time of the year, perhaps light a green candle and use your journal to elaborate upon your intention.  Invoke one of the Springtime Goddesses to help you stretch your imaginations.  Tap into fairytales that invoke Spring or create one for yourself.  Remember all change, all healing begins as a thought, a change of consciousness.  Translated into vivid and lifestyle adjustments, dramatic results can take place.  So be it.  More tomorrow.

There is a presence in the river, whether it is the Rainbow serpent, which I believe winds its way along the river day in and day out, connecting to the rainbow above, linking it to the water holes and dams however there is woman figure that I see from time to time, upon the river.   I am not sure where she is from but she wears a dress and a cloak.  Sometimes, she comes up on the land, standing there wrapped in herself and then vanishes into thin air.  So many traditions have found their way to these shores, through Immigrations and maybe set up home here, so there is not one definable deity here.    However there is a presence, and the river dreams its way through the countryside, the billabongs, the wetlands  to the sea

Photos for this page will be found on my page The Hidden Parchment Nook and Cranny.

Today my focus was upon the continuation of the life cycle and the small flowers, the grasses, the new life pulsating, to the ducklings, and tiny birds.

And again the river is always dreaming,

and I   like the Wagyl, the rainbow serpent,

transfer myself to the sky, where I become the Rainbow,

twisting in and out,

giver of life am I thus I ,feed the dry, lagoons, the water hols, the billabongs

I am life.  I am a giver of life.






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