The rains continue to fall

20 August 2018

And still the rains fell, dissolving into newer pools and shapes  in the wetlands the new grass is so green it blinds the eye.  These wells of water are forming everywhere making pathways impossible to walk in, but Lily, does not seem to mind as she splashes through them nor do I really as I peer into one observing a reflection in it of the clouds above.

Mushrooms, and toadstools are claiming their spot around the trees on higher ground, and moss creeps through cracks forming patterns. My eyes roam for shapes, contours, colours, wet trees as I listen to a cacophany of frogs, each with a different register in the wetlands.  From time to  time to time I espy a shape, disapearing behind one tree to another and I know I am being observed so on the pretence that I am not interested I turn  my attention elsewhere.

At present there is incredible bird life about, copious ducks and ducklings, the occasion laughter of the kookaburra and in the river the Waggyl stirs, snaking its way through the muddy waters.

As I reach the river following the billabong, I follow the path of the ducks heading towards it.  The river has a presence and as I visit it each day I feel it, and it draws me as it rolls along, back and forth to the sea dreaming of what I wonder..  There are times when I feel her rise and using the waters as her cloak, splash out and wander about.  A dripping apparition, leaving footprints in the sand.   Sometimes she beckons me to come forth, but I hang back, a little afraid but I feel one day and it will be very soon, she will speak with me, though she does it it other ways at present for I have felt her presence for years as I too am part of this combing of land, sea and sky.

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